Cindy's Baubles & Things
                                          Handmade Bead Jewelry and Seasonal Wreaths

Cindy Cantu Segovia has been making bead jewelry since 2008 and seasonal wreaths since February 2015. She started beading jewelry as a hobby, before realizing that her hobby was leading her to bead markets. Cindy felt like she was in a candy store when she was at bead markets. This hobby slowly became a passion for her. She has participated in local arts and crafts events such as the annual Arts & Crafts Fall Festival at the Army Residence Center in San Antonio, the annual fundraiser for the Esperanza Peace Market held on Black Friday, the Helotes monthly event, private events, and most recently to Traders Village in San Antonio, Texas.

In regards to the custom handmade wreaths, she picked up the skill on her own. She decided to make Easter Bunny wreaths using grapevine wreaths, artificial flowers and various Easter decorations--and she has not looked back since. After being asked to design various Fiesta and Mother’s Day wreaths, she started taking special orders.

As Cindy turned a budding artistic passion into a sought after artisan talent, she is most proud of being self-taught. She loves to coordinate colors and objects together as she did when she coordinated her business suits for the corporate world. Cindy is also proud of having her first large (24 inch) Fiesta wreath displayed at the Wyndham Vacation Resort Hotel located on the river walk in San Antonio, Texas. It exhibited beautifully as the focal piece in the reception area of the hotel.